Extending Web Forms for Marketers Form Report Export

Web Forms for Marketers provides a great feature called form reports which gives you access to every web forms form submission.  Sitecore provides you with two formats for exporting these records.  You can export them to an Excel document (.xls) or to an XML document (.xml).  However, your users might want to export the records to other formats.  This post will describe how to add your own custom export button using a format of your choosing.

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Web Forms For Marketers MVC – Terms of Agreement Custom Field Type

Recently the Web Forms For Marketers Module for Sitecore has released support for MVC.  With that, lets go over how to create a custom type to be used on your MVC form.

First you’ll need to add a new type under the Field Types folder.


Now in your Visual Studio project, create a new class TermsAgreementField.cs that inherits from CheckBoxField.

Note here that I have made this a required field by making IsRequired always return true.

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