Add Help Text to Field in Sitecore Page Editor

It is very common for content authors to need a little extra assistance when entering content through the page editor.  For example, they may be uploading an image and need to know what the recommended dimensions are.  Instead of having to reference an old email from the developers who built the site or dig up an old conversation in Basecamp, you can now provide this information to them right in the page editor.  Below is an example of what this looks like.


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Using Sitecore Configuration Factory For Basic Dependency Injection

Dependency injection in .NET has become fairly commonplace and there are many popular frameworks out there to do so.  If you’re embracing the philosophy of building generic re-usable pieces of functionality, you may not want to tie yourself down to one particular technology.  Fortunately Sitecore provides a solution that will allow you to easily use different IoC frameworks between projects.  This post will describe how to utilize the Sitecore configuration factory for basic dependency injection.

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Web Forms For Marketers MVC – Terms of Agreement Custom Field Type

Recently the Web Forms For Marketers Module for Sitecore has released support for MVC.  With that, lets go over how to create a custom type to be used on your MVC form.

First you’ll need to add a new type under the Field Types folder.


Now in your Visual Studio project, create a new class TermsAgreementField.cs that inherits from CheckBoxField.

Note here that I have made this a required field by making IsRequired always return true.

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